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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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gunman opened fire, six people were killed. including the fed will judge a nine year-old girl. a dozen more were wounded. >> u.s. congresswoman-real difference is in critical condition after a gunman shot her in bed during a public political a bed in her home district of southern arizona. >> i am very optimistic about recovered. >> six others including a federal judge and a nine
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year-old girl died in the attack than a dozen injured. >> the suspected shooter, 22 year-old gerald leave lot more is in custody. police are looking for someone else who may have been involved. >> we're not convinced that he acted alone. there is some there believe that he came to this location, with another individual. >> meantime politicians who know congressman gifford reacted with shock and sadness. >> my thoughts and prayers are with congressman gifford and her family, the congresswoman staff and their families. as well as other victims of this senseless and cruel violence. >> president barack obama pledged to support. >> this is more than a tragic for those who are involved. it is a tragedy for arizona and for entire country. >> law-enforcement are also
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praising the efforts of two individuals to tackle the shooter. >> repercussions are being felt to the bay area, one of the country's top democrats nets policy held in a event in san francisco native security was tightened. >> in light of the tragedy and arizona, nancy pelosi told a crowd it only strengthens our results. >> we intend to do. >> in the event at the lansing street include a policy as well as john deere danny and newly elected state officials like attorney general's. >> harrises been in the public as part of being in office. >> i will always be a successful, as successful as i possibly can be. >> galvanism was there with his family, he said that threats come with the job
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but things have got extreme. >> it is unimaginable, i guess that's what's so horrible thing about it. that even thinks that you fear, and these things that you people speculate about. >> of violent extremists are threat to democracy. >> to indulge in this type of incentive the in this kind of environment, is what makes this much more oppressive a much more devastating on a lot of different levels. >> one california gov. jerry brown released the statement today. i am deeply saddened on the shooting of congresswoman danner will give britain the others in tucson this morning. barbara boxer offered these words my thoughts got to the families of those who perished in this horrific and senseless tragedy.
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>> hwang well viki investigators are say much about lock there is a criminal history, we do know he has a troubled past he was arrested for years ago, for drug possession. but of was cleared of the charge after completing a diversion program. lock their release these videos a few years it weeks ago. government officials and the people who don't know this accurate information aren't aware brought control. >> " the majority of people who reside in district 8 our help lin and hilarious. this is where they say he lived in tucson arizona he kept to himself most of the time on his my account he posted a
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picture of a gun on a u.s. history books. the gun used in a shooting rampage was a plus to with an extension of a pistol with an extended clip. the macao on sheriff says the loch ness motive for the deadly attack is still unclear. it's the cure i can tell you this that the 22 year-old individual does have a criminal background, and there are reports that he was a college student and that there had been some difficulties with him. >> now i've 5:00 this morning lock their posted a final by space posted said dear friends please do not the bad meat. >> richard our investigators looking at anybody else who might be a ball to in the shootings? >> yes they think he might not have been after a long they believe he does have an accomplice. they do not and sore they do know who he is, they are searching for
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that man they are not releasing his name there is a news demand a who is white in his 50s. and saying he is a person of interest. >> by the house condemn the shooting today stating that an attack is like shooting all members of low caucus. >> authorities do not know why the expected suspected gunmen shot gabrielle different. many people are criticizing their palate and jesse kelly for the shooting. take a look at the language used in this ad. it was posted by jesse cowlick who tried to unseat difference during the midterm elections. he invited his supporters to attend a campaign of bed by saying help remove her from office issued a bully automatic m-16 with jesse
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kelly. critics are saying that this could incite violence. >> people tend to pursue this about all the victory, will here we are in flaming the american public, by alluding to do these type of things. that may be free speech, but it is not without consequences. >> last march sara helen posted this type of matter on her face book page. she wrote on her twitter count, and don't retreat instead reload. critics accuse the bait pail of inciting violence.
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a big fog bank today across the central valley stretching all weight from
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redding to baker is bill. light winds come in and out of the east, that's what we had such a great day today and as a result of all the clubs, not all the greats guys to some cool temperatures as well. lot of places not making it out of the low 40's this afternoon. a high of 44 bear bill. but december fell just 39 degrees that is as warm as it got during the daytime hours. for dammar we are going to notice more grace gals, cloudy conditions in the morning and cool temperatures close to freezing in some of the inland valleys. but through the day, and things will change a bit i think the winds were shipped we will start to see more sunshine than what we did today. the result will be temperatures is bumping up a couple of degrees may be into the low fifties for the warmer spots. i will have more details on your sunday forecast later on.
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>> coming up on city mayor is taking to the streets.
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oakland's new mayor jean: is heading into the community to work with people directly. >> i am jean-claude high and the new mayor of oakland. >> oakland mayor jean- claude began her term in office this weekend and one of the most troubled neighborhoods. >> they put me on this corner because this is a block or we had a murder this week. >> the mayor urged residents to come together. >> this is one the last few neighborhoods where we aren't able to get the organization going. >> we hope you come out to the neighborhood wine crop watch committee. >> we're trying to bring
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residence together, to take charge and reduce crime. >> the mayor was joined by the assistant police chief as they knocked down knocked on doors. >> i actually used to live around here, most folks believe will take more than clean the track shot the streets to could turn a difficult situation on around. >> in oakland shot pierced kron4 news.
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>> well we have been really stop them off of the past few days, but i think sunshine is that our forecast. i will have the forecast coming up for you righ.
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on tuesday san francisco will see its first asian- american mayor. the new board of supervisors will confirm the appointment. the four new surprises for sworn in today, we're at city hall as the news supervisors took their oaths. spirited this is a big day >> been sworn man and a legislative chambers at city hall to the new supervisors were elected in districts where they corrupt. district to.
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>> for me it makes it special to be born and raised in san francisco to be born and raised in district 2, and not to represent their residents of district 2 is a dream come true. >> to growing up in district 10, mollet cohen knows what issues need the most attention now that she is an office. >> service protecting our seniors and our young children. making sure they are safe and in school. safety is a number one issue all across the district. burton scored easy to beat save and viable. >> supervisor david q. was reelected as board president. and those who continue to try to balance the city's budget this will be first and foremost. >> pasture is we have received stimulus in state money from the government. we had been able to raise fees, we will not have those
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options available to us now. looks like governor brown does his job he will be taking more money from san francisco. we have before million dollar that the city will be a difficult task. >> here is a shot of the golden gate bridge live, no problems with this ability. you could see all way across the bridge though it could be a different story tomorrow. the fog perspective to drop been around the bay area, temperatures cooling off in the upper '30's to the east bay bally's. this ability so far so good, for the next couple of days we're going to see dry weather fog in them what morning in sunshine in the afternoon. a chance for some rain coming into the forecast as we go into tuesday. in the meantime dry weather will persist. clear skies in the sierra it will remain that
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way for monday and tuesday. however, tuesday am sorry the chance for some snow will are arriving in higher elevations. that means rain in not in the bay area. mainly thought this was going to the overnight hour, and visibility could drop especially north bay east bay valleys. so here is 6:00 a.m., of watch what happens to the morning as we get closer to nam. the fog begins to clear out of here. has begun to noon and the early afternoon some sunshine beginning to appear, that should result in a bit of a warming trend tomorrow. both victories for the warmest place is a around the bay. i think the east bay valleys are still be trapped in the 40's, for another day. temperatures in
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the morning freezing pretty chilly start in the morning. santa rosa below freezing, at the freezing point burglar more wet upper 30's 40's near the bay. if we get that sunshine here, we will see those reading is low fifties for most locations. otherwise 52 in mountain view, 53 in santa rosa a, 51 in san francisco and 52 in redwood city. here is the 7 day at around the bay, some wet weather coming in our direction for next week. still drive samara and monday but tuesday the claws are on the increase, as a pacific storm gets closer bring in a chance of light rain tuesday night into wednesday. but the storm door opens up, that means more trade possibly significant rain for the thursday and wet weather persists for friday and into
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next weekend. we will be back.
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jim harbaugh will be the new head coach of the sentence is a supporter niners. we looked at how hard or brought to this point. hard look comes from a coaching family, he has a son of jack carbo, he has a brother and a brother lies about work as coaches. he played 15 seasons in the nfl for the bears, colts, ravens, the chargers and vendors. he spent four seasons at stanford taking over a wide and 11 team when he was hired in december of 2006 quickly turning the team back to a winner and bowl contender. he has been interesting. fresh off the
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orange bowl win, we saw him hopping off the bus carrying his two year-old daughter, he also has a newborn baby girl. he was later asked that he had just closed his last desperate game, he was a question he did not want to hear. >> do you think this is the last game your clothes that sector? >> of please give me a break, have some respect for the players it is about the game and the players tonight. >> at stanford has begun to look for a new head coach. >> cornerback and sherlock said he will return for his senior year at stanford. should be an interesting season coming up. >> great for skiers right now and the sierra, more snow is on the way perry ed snowy weather, trying to play hooky.
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>> to mark cold here in the bay area with temperatures only in the '30's. >> see you in the morning.
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